Introduction to ETHO mining

ETHO can be mined using a variety of hardware gear and mining software. The Ether-1 blockchain network uses the popular Ethash Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm (algo) for consensus generation. The Ethash algo has design protections in place against ASIC mining, which encourages commodity hardware mining from small time miners, which in turn decentralizes the consensus reaching mechanism.

When the time comes, and the Ether-1 team and community determine it to be necessary, we will look at further protecting against any improvements in Ethash ASIC mining by potentially modifying the PoW algorithm or changing to a completely different algorithm all-together that further encourages smaller miners and participants to join the network.

If you know absolutely nothing about mining but have a computer with a decent graphics card, you can mine ETHO and other cryptocurrencies easily using the AIO application, available at